Facebook hack [new version 33.4] DOWNLOAD

Download your software and use it whenever you like!

Advantage of the new version (v 33.4) are:

  • It is small and can fit on a portable memory (USB, CD, MP3 palyers...)
  • Do not leave any marks behind and no one can't  catch you if you hack him/her.
  • Antivirus will not recognized it as dangerous code
  • easy to install and easy to  use!
  • You only need a basic knowledge of computer to use it!
  • It is FREE!

We also give you free facebook bots that can:
  • Strike a message on fb chat
  • Add friends, you only need to enter the number as you like
  • Create Facebook groups and invite people to them
  • You get a notification when someone  delete or block you from friends
  • Receive notification when someone looks at your profile picture